Capital District Board of Women's Soccer Officials

Availability Guidelines

Completing Availability: April 15 - May 15

Each year between April 15th and May 15th, every official must look over their calendars and determine when they are available to work soccer games for the coming season.

If your availability is limited in any way, you must determine what days you will work soccer and block off all other days / times of the week.

If you work boy’s soccer, you should also be blocking off on your boy’s calendar the days you plan to work for the girl’s organization.
**Assignments between John and me are not done on a first come first serve basis. Each of us needs time to do our work with accurate information. Once each of us publishes games, you can work with either of us to fill in days you may have open. **

Making Changes: After May 15

After May 15th you must notify me of any changes via e-mail of days you need to block out for personal reasons / additional college games. Be sure to include the reason for the change. I will then remove you from any pending games I may already have for you. YOU must go into your calendar and block yourself off after notifying me.